IMG_3361Part of farming is the ability to enjoy the rural lifestyle. We live outside a small but progressive community that allows us access to restaurants, grocery stores and downtown boutique shopping.

It is a privilege and joy to raise our family on the farm and allow our son the opportunity to tag along with his father and grandfather. Harvest is a family affair and trips to visit the cows and scout crops are unique opportunities to marry work and play.

We support our community through volunteering, memberships in not-for-profit organizations and monetary donations to groups and events. We also give beef as in-kind donations to not-for-profit organizations involved in food sales and preparation. We understand the importance of being involved in our community and supporting the people, groups and businesses in our area.

Because we both grew up in small communities, we are passionate about maintaining and improving rural America. Access to services – from banking to Internet – is vital to the continued prosperity of small towns across America. Through our work with Farm Bureau and local not-for-profit organizations, we are doing our part to maintain the link between the farm and city keep our small towns and rural America thriving.