American Farm Bureau Brazil Trip, Day 4

Sustainability and Consumer Focus are a must for Brazilian Agriculture

By Jennifer Bergin and Julie White

“Commitment…unique characteristics, big challenges and huge opportunities”. This statement describes Brazilian agriculture. In this tropical region with diverse agriculture opportunities it is important for agribusiness industry to focus on sustainability and consumers.

With many misconceptions about climate change the Embrapa Pecuaria Sudeste, a livestock research station, began to emphasize on livestock interaction with environmental sustainability. The primary research conducted was the Livestock Long Shadow program which was conducted in the six biomes of Brazil during two years of trials. There were 27 test sites and more than 50 partners participated in this research. This allowed them to test five different systems of integrating livestock of several species with both forestry and agronomic crops in comparison to degradated pastures. As a result they have been able to prove a reduction in the livestock industries carbon footprint. This research has also allowed them the opportunity to interact with children and the media in promoting milk and beef as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Brazil 6

Brazil is completely dependent on agriculture with it being 25% of the Brazil’s GDP. Companies like John Deere realize the importance of agriculture and the farmers that work 365 days a year to make it happen. John Deere understands the difference in its customers and works daily to make sure the needs of local farmers as well as the needs of the environment are being met. Though partnerships with other organizations John Deere in active building a sustainable future for Brazil. PAL Class 8 had the opportunity to tour John Deere Parts and Teaching facilities in Campinas, Brazil. This state of the art facility shipped over 46 million parts in 2015 along with opening their new teaching facility. This new facility provides educational training in a learn by doing method to dealers and others involved in the John Deere agribusiness industry.

With commitments of research facilities like Embrapa and companies like John Deere the farmers of Brazil can “keep their eyes on the horizons and their feet on the ground” in a sustainable agricultural system.

Quotes mentioned in this blog were from the John Deere executives presentations on March 16, 2016 in Campinas, Brazil.

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